Web Development

By keeping up-to-date on the latest web development technologies, trends and best practices, Digital Elementz can get your project to the finish line.

Each website is unique and may be developed using a variety of methods to ultimately provide the best user (and customer) experience possible. We offer a wide spectrum of services, starting from a branded and white-labeled WordPress theme all the way to custom builds for enterprise, e-commerce and mobile. You may find HTML5, CSS3, ES6 Javascript, PHP or jQuery familiar; they are some of the technologies we develop with. WordPress, Magento, Joomla and Drupal are just some of the CMS platforms we work with to create a compelling website that exceeds functional, design, budgetary and time requirements. There is no right way to build websites, but there is a solution that can be catered to you.

How we do it

Creating a digital web experience takes craft, teamwork and innovation. We help you find your fit within the matrix of the Internet. You and your business.

It can be a challenge. That is why a good web design company will be one with open communication and ideas to get the job done. When we execute a web design and development project, we consider the brand, visual structure, organization, customer experience, loading speed, SEO, mobile and talent sourcing – every step of the way. We won’t stop working until you have the website that fits your needs. Having a good website means more than having one that looks nice. The experience your visitors and potential customers have with your business greatly depends on their experience with your website. A website by Digital Elementz is a web presence that works for them.

Why Choose DEMG?

A foundation of cultural and physical diversity, ethics, appreciation of the arts and communication is what we bring to the world.

We work with others and we respect the profession enough to know that who you are says a lot about the work you do. When you are choosing Digital Elementz as a partner, you subscribe to an ethical and professional standard which is supported by our reputation. A website can be a critical and emotional part of your business. We treat the website and its creators, developers, designers, programmers, project managers, sales and management with respect, dignity and a culture of positive teamwork.

How we can help

Responsive Design


Tailored to fit any device

Digital Elementz is entirely mobile friendly and responsive.  Let’s face it, we are living in an era where everything must adapt automatically to mobile, tablet and desktop.  Ensure that your site meets the requirements of our digital era.

Cloud Hosting


Increase your web speed and performance

All of our developed sites are being hosted on Digital Ocean’s SSD Cloud drives.  We are proud to be using their services to keep up with requirements for speed, security, backups and performance.  If you are a web developer or administrator, feel free to use our coupon to get a discount on your hosting package.  Click Here.

Maintenance & Support


We are here to support you with your site.  We guarantee that your site will be up and online at all times, but in the event that something does go wrong, rest assured that it will be addressed promptly.  We want our clients to know that they have a worry free plan and can rely on us for assistance.

Let's explore the possibilities

Lead/Sales generating page?

The experience your users have online can certainly make it or break it with your business expectations.  Online trends have proven that if you’re not already building your subscribers list, you may be falling behind.  By building a dedicated lead or sales landing page, you get straight to the point and can capture contact information quickly or better yet, close the deal.  Our team has the necessary skills and use proven formulas that entice user interactivity, which leads to quality engagement online.  Talk to one of your DEMG representatives to get started with your lead/sales generating page today.

Email Marketing?

Yes that’s right!  Email marketing has proven to be the number one method for customer client engagement.  You don’t need to be a marketing expert to know how this works and you can do the research yourself but this is one thing that we do recommend.  Let’s inform your audience and engage at the right times.  Once you’ve built your automated subscribers list, let’s start using the #1 marketing strategy of all time.

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